May 01, 2009 · solaris# touch /etc/hostname.skge0. 2. Create the /etc/dhcp. file. It can be an empty file, but you can also use it to specify how long ifconfig should be waiting for a DHCP-server reply before giving up and continuing with Solaris boot.

Jul 03, 2012 How to configure network in Solaris 10 - GoLinuxHub Jun 03, 2020 ifconfig:Error:Cannot assign requested address-solaris Jul 10, 2012 Using Solaris 10 as DHCP client | Solaris Blog May 01, 2009

networking - Solaris 10 zone network configuration

Feb 09, 2007 Jul 28, 2019 · The ifconfig command is used on Solaris (unix) machines to assign an address to a network interface or to configure your network interface. During system startup, ifconfig is called to define the network address of each interface present on your Solaris machine. Configuring Physical Interfaces in Solaris 10 3/05. An Oracle Solaris-based system usually has two types of interfaces, physical and logical. Physical interfaces consist of a driver and a connector into which you plug network media, such as an Ethernet cable. Logical interfaces are logically configured onto existing physical interfaces, such as interfaces that are configured for tunnels or configured with IPv6 addresses.

I read the man page for netmasks and ifconfig but didn't find info about default netmask or network classes in them. Am I looking at the wrong man pages? It looks like zonecfg is maybe relevant, I will check that. – hilcharge Mar 4 '16 at 10:00

man ifconfig. section called "INTERFACE FLAGS" FAILED The interface has failed. New addresses cannot be created on this interface. If this interface is part of an IP network multipathing group, a failover will occur to another interface in the group, if possible Solaris Multipathing - Softpanorama