2. Use "scathingly" in a sentence. 2. Use "scathingly" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. scathingly in a sentence. scathingly; Share this with your : 2. Use "scathingly" in a sentence. scathingly in a gly "Ah : 9. The word scathing can be used in several kinds of sentences. 11. 3. 2.

President Donald Trump is expected to use his executive powers to commute the sentence of Roger Stone, his longtime friend, as early as Friday evening. Fox News first reported the development Trump Commutes Sentence Of Roger Stone | The Daily Wire Jul 11, 2020 White House Issues Scathing Response to Mueller's Op-Ed on Jul 14, 2020

The Economist, in a scathing piece, wrote: ‘Rahul, who had been long groomed for leadership, is a dud: earnest, but lacking in energy, ideas, strategy, and, crucially, the ability to connect with party workers and voters.

'Justice is bought': Paul Manafort sentencing draws Mar 08, 2019 Scathe | Definition of Scathe by Merriam-Webster Scathe definition is - harm, injury. How to use scathe in a sentence.

In a scathing sentencing memo made public Monday, the Justice Department recommended Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentence Roger Stone to between seven and nine years in prison on charges first

Scathing definition, bitterly severe, as a remark: a scathing review of the play. See more. Scathing dictionary definition | scathing defined scathing definition: The definition of scathing is something or someone severely and harshly critical. (adjective) When your boss gives you a terrible and overly critical review, this is an example of something that could be described as a scathing revi Scathing | Definition of Scathing by Oxford Dictionary on ‘The book was a scathing attack on the media establishment.’ ‘He is particularly scathing about one member whom he characterises as callous, spineless and non-confrontational to the point of duplicity.’ ‘Miller was especially wounded by Mailer's scathing verdict on his uncharacteristically whimsical travelogue The Colossus Of Maroussi.’ How to use "scathing" in a sentence - WordHippo How to use scathing in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word scathing? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. He closes with a scathing remark about the number of pen-pushers at the defense department. A government spending watchdog today launched a scathing attack on attempts to cut congestion.