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KeePass was designed to operate in a windows environment and covers even ancient legacy versions (even as far back as Windows 7, via… plugins), but it is compatible with Mac iOS, Linux and other OSs out there. The major issue with KeePass is the overall UX/UI, namely, the grey Windows 95-style screen that welcomes you once the program is opened. Using keepass to store Bitcoin private keys & seed words Jul 04, 2020 How to make your password manager even more secure Note that KeePass can generate key-disk for you. Key-file A keyfile is a file stored on key-disk. If you let KeePass generate the key-file for you, the default file name is pwsafe.key which is placed on the disk you specify when setting the master password and/or key-disk drive. KeePass 101 – Support KeePass Master Key: Each time you launch KeePass you are prompted for the master key. This key can be a file, password or tied to your PC login credentials. It must be kept safe as it protects all the data stored within in KeePass. I recommend keeping a written copy in a safe in the event you forget it.

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KeePass Features; KeePass supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael) and the Twofish algorithm to encrypt its password databases; SHA-256 is used to hash the master key components. SHA-256 is a 256-bit cryptographically secure one-way hash function. No attacks are known against SHA-256; One master password decrypts the complete

1. Setting up KeePass . At its core, KeePass is straightforward to understand. A master key generated from the user password is hashed using SHA-256, which is subsequently used to encrypt the KeePassXC Password Manager