Mar 08, 2014 · Adding multiple accounts to one iTunes library is a great way to consolidate your collection. Add multiple accounts to one iTunes library with help from an experienced computer professional in

Nov 06, 2013 · You can have two iTunes accounts, as mentioned above, however that may not be the best solution for what you want. If what you are after is to share your iTunes purchases, but have separate iCloud storage, backup, mail, calendars, ect. you only need two iCloud accounts. If you want to use a separate account for these purchases, you can easily differentiate with two different accounts. How to change the iCloud account on an iPad for iTunes and App Store purchases 1. Apr 02, 2012 · The simplest way is to configure two completely separate OS X user accounts—by default, iTunes stores its library database and media content separately in each user profile, so each OS X user account gets its own iTunes library. You can do this by visiting your OS X System Preferences and choosing the Users & Groups section. Apr 04, 2010 · You don't need two accounts, in fact, you don't want two accounts. Purchases can only be played on the account they were purchased from. You're talking about two libraries, not two accounts. There are also other options such as just syncing select content only to each iPod or managing one or both iPods manually instead of syncing.

As far as I’m aware, no. My partner looked into this a few years back, and the official answer was No. One of the main reasons people have multiple iTunes accounts is that they have ‘content’ - music, apps, movies, TV, books, whatever - that is on

Each country imposes separate regulations for the use of your iTunes account. You can change the country and become subject to the rules of that country's iTunes agreement, but the change affects all Syncing multiple iPhones to a single computer can put your media libraries, backups and devices settings into disarray, especially if you share the computer with other Apple device users. You can also do this with a single user account in iTunes 7 by holding down the SHIFT key in iTunes, which will allow you to select a different library on startup. However, using different Windows accounts is a bit simpler, as it's clearer which iTunes library you're actually using. Two different computers, two different iTunes.can I use the same Apple ID? I have iTunes on my computer that I use for my iPhone, and my mon just got an iPod Touch and wants me to fill it for her. I'm going to use her computer to do this, which currently does not have iTunes. Once I download iTunes, can I use my own Apple ID to download songs

Jul 04, 2009 · can i have 2 itunes accounts? me and my brother both have ipods he has a 16 and i have an 8 gb and i like country and only that but he has a bunch of rap and i don't want it to take up space on my ipod so is there a way i can have a hole different itunes not just a playlist but a hole thing for me Dec 19, 2012 · me and my dad just recently got iphones. but we both already have account because we have ipods. except my account is on a different computer. is there any way i can keep that account and the songs on that account and switch to my dads computer. i also dont want my dads songs and he probably doesnt want mine either. so i need a way to have 2 different itunes accounts on one computer and still Oct 17, 2009 · yes, you can have a seperate library with a different email address and password to redeem your card into and only you can access it. make more than 1 itunes library/account on 1 pc: in this link, where it says 'hold down the shift key', continually hold it down while clicking the files until the little dialog box opens. Jan 16, 2020 · Create and manage your child's account. See what you can share with your family, and what you can't share. For example, you can share music and more from the iTunes Store, but you can't share songs added to iTunes Match from outside the iTunes Store. Get help if you don't see your family's shared content. You can have up to 5 computers authorized for each iTunes account. You will be able to sync purchases from both accounts to your iPhone, but you will only be able to use one account (the one you last signed on to on iTunes) for the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store and App Store on the iPhone. Aug 01, 2014 · Tutorial to Remove DRM & Move iTunes Videos to Other Accounts. It only needs 4 steps to get rid of the DRM from purchased and rented iTunes movies and transfer the files to another Apple account with TunesKit DRM Remover: Step 1. Add purchases or rentals from iTunes account by clicking "Add Files" button or directly dragging and dropping. Step 2.