Jan 05, 2020

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The Best Torrent Sites 2020: Complete Guide to The Most

Apr 14, 2020 Best Legal Torrent Sites – 2020 | BestVPN.org Legit Torrents holds torrents that give access to more than 3,800 files that can be downloaded legally. The content available through the site includes video, music, ebooks, games, software, anime, and data sets. Don’t expect to find the latest Hollywood blockbusters on this site – big name films will only be available on pay streaming sites.

This site has over 34,000 members making it one of the largest private torrent websites in the world. Just like it’s counterparts, BroadCastTheNet is extremely difficult to join. Visitors Per Month: 989,400. 4. Redacted. Redacted is a music torrent site with over 1 million different streams.

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