Download (MD5, pkglist ): slackellive64-openbox-7.3.iso (1,808MB), slackellive-openbox-7.3.iso (1,792MB). Neptune is a Linux distribution for desktops. It is based on Debian's Stable branch, except for a newer kernel, some drivers and newer versions of popular applications.

Kali Linux, with its BackTrack lineage, has a vibrant and active community. With active Kali forums , IRC Channel, Kali Tools listings, an open bug tracker system and community provided tool suggestions – there are many ways for you to get involved in Kali Linux today. What is Linux distros (Linux distribution)? - Definition Apr 28, 2017 What Is The Best Linux Distro For Gaming? Mar 04, 2020 Top 5 enterprise Linux distributions to consider adopting

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The Distrochooser helps you to find the suitable Linux distribution based on your needs! You only have to answer our questions about your requirements for a Linux distribution. After you finished, we will calculate a list of Linux distributions which will fit your needs. What Linux Distribution Does Linus Torvalds Use? Mar 20, 2018